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Thanks to its morphological characteristics, the Valley of the Lakes is different from other areas in Trentino, and offers nature and outdoor sports lovers a wide range of ways to have fun and relax. Motocross, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, fishing, paragliding, base jumping, skiing or relaxing hikes and walks in complete tranquillity, are just some of the activities that the surrounding area has to offer; all combined with our impeccable, warm and friendly service.

Motocross: the most beautiful and famous circuit in Italy, managed impeccably by the staff of the Moto Club Arco.
Trial Biking and Enduro: a brand new Enduro track and trial bike trail, venue of the European Championship.
Mountain-biking: homeland of mountain bike enthusiasts; the perfect definition for an area full of trails immersed in nature and catering for almost any level. 
Trekking, Nordic Walking, day trips: there are numerous paths around the lakes and through our mountain hills.
Climbing: “vie ferrate” (climbing routes with iron rungs and ladders) and paths for all levels; among the “vie ferrate” you will find the Che Guevara route (moderate but a long climb) and the Rino Pisetta (3 km away), which is classified as one of the most difficult routes in Italy. There are also numerous rock-climbing opportunities, both on the Placche Zebrate and Massanpian, as well at the new Boulder City just 1 km away. 
Base Jumping: the Becco dell’Acquila on Mount Brento is now world-famous for this spectacular extreme sport; risky but a guaranteed adrenalin rush.
Wind-surfing: this is a very popular sport on our lakes and the valley is full of facilities and special equipment.
Skiing: naturally all the ski stations and resorts that Trentino boasts are only a short distance away. 
* we can make bookings and supply means of transport on request.